4 days
Panama Province

Trek from Pacific to Atlantic on a cobblestone colonial road.

Prices based upon a minimum of 4 participants.
PICK UP At your hotel in Panama City at the appropriate time.

Trekking boots and light leisure clothing, rain jacket, sleeping mat, day pack, water bottle, mosquito repellent and sunscreen. A hat and sunglasses are recommended.

 Ocean to Ocean
 Scenic Rainforest Surroundings
 Expert Guides
Historic Trails
Private transportation
All meals
Equipped naturalist guide
Entrance fees
 International airfares and taxes
 Domestic airfares and taxes
 Alcoholic beverages and meals not specified in the itinerary
 Optional activities
 Gratuities and departure tax at the airport

Trek from Pacific to Atlantic, on a cobblestoned colonial road through the primary rainforest of Chagres & Portobelo National Parks, used by endless mule caravans carrying about 200 tons of silver from Peru and Bolivia a year to the trade fairs of Portobelo, which attracted famous pirate and privateers like Francis Drake. It’s the forgotten precursor of the Panama Canal, where the mix of indigenous, afro-descendent and mestizo population aspires for sustainable way of living and conservation of surrounding rainforests: experience history and be part of local communities quest for sustainability in tropical rainforests.

This tour allows the participant to cross the Isthmus of Panama along the original route of the Camino Real, beginning in Old Panama on the Pacific Ocean, trekking through the dense jungle of the Alto Chagres to reach Portobelo in the Caribbean. This four-day trekking has expedition character and requires very good physical condition from the participants. The night before departure, we will held a meeting to explain details of expeditions in the jungle, animals, safety, and also what to carry and what not (the trekker carries his day pack, while the tent, food and personal belongings are carried by porters). The challenge of this hike is not the altitude, but the humidity and temperature of the tropical climate. Participate in this expedition really allows to experience and appreciate the work of the historical characters like Francis Drake and the unknown drovers of the mule trains, who crossed this road in the past. The first night we spent at a peasant village, where we will better understand their life situation within a national park and the problems of deforestation and conservation. The second day we start hiking the path of the Camino Real, soon we find a well-preserved segment of it in the mountains of the Chagres National Park and enjoy spectacular scenery. The third day we walk mostly in primary forests below old giant trees up to the headwaters of the Rio Boquerón, which pours down its valley over countless waterfalls. The fourth day we arrive finally at Portobelo in the Caribbean Sea, where between the walls of the Spanish fortifications remains the rich heritage of Afro-Caribbean populations.

NOTE AND DETAILS: This tour leaves early in the morning and involves a daily hiking of 10 – 15 kilometers.  This trail requires good physical condition and will take you through rivers and muddy, slippery, rugged and uneven rainforest terrain. It is recommended to bring another set of sandals and clothes in your backpack. You will have to sign a release of responsibility form.

Note: For further information, contact us! This program can be tailor-made for your needs and interests.