Amazing experience with the Naso people.
LOCATION Bocas del Toro mainland
  Learn about the fascinating Naso culture
  Accommodations in traditional Naso housing
 Excellent opportunities for wildlife observation
 Peaceful and relaxing
  • Rustic and basic lodging


The traditionally constructed huts are located in the National Park La Amistad, on the mainland of Bocas del Toro in a small village called Bajo Sodi. The facilities of Soposo are designed in a traditional style with a focus on comfort and sustainability. Each of the huts feature a private patio with a hammock, a mosquito net and traditional furniture. Please take note that at Soposo you will not have internet access, electricity or hot water, so bring along your toiletries and flashlights.

Enjoy the traditional prepared meals from a wood fired stove in an open-air dining room in the rainforest. The traditional cuisine offers freshly caught local river fish, fried green plantains and a variety of fresh tropical fruits, all ingredients are fresh and locally grown. Soposo Rainforest Adventures offers a variety of tours and activities with a bilingual guide, learn about the culture and traditions of the Naso tribe, from practicing the traditional fishing techniques to a lesson in Naso language.

Many Naso members leave their villages and traditions behind, Soposo Rainforest Adventures is supporting the tribe economically and helping them to value their culture and natural resources.