You do not need to bring a receipt. Upon your arrival at the airport, your guide will be waiting for you at the exit with a sign bearing your name and the EcoCircuitos logo.

As Panama is a tropical country situated close to the equator, bringing a sun block is definitely recommended, as well as a mosquito repellent. Panama uses plugs of type A and type B, which are common in Central America, the United States, Canada and Japan. If your plug type is different in your home country, we recommend bringing a travel adapter. Concerning clothing style, lightweight long pants and loose fitting shirts are usually the best option. Bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes and a small backpack for day excursions, a sun hat and a foldaway umbrella or light raincoat during the green season. Depending on the activities you are planning, hiking boots or running shoes, bathing suits and sports clothing might be useful. In the highlands it can get quite chilly (as well as on airplanes, buses, restaurants and shopping malls because of AC), so a sweater and a pair of warm pants are always a good idea to bring along. Do not worry if you forget something: there are multiple shopping options and fully equipped pharmacies in Panama where you can find just about everything you need, from cosmetics to medication and clothing.

Panama uses US Dollar as a currency (locally known as the Balboa). Major credit cards are widely accepted, and ATM’s can found at almost every corner of towns and cities, although not many banks accept traveler’s checks or foreign debit cards. As a safety precaution, it is not advisable to carry very large amounts of cash; you can also pay with credit card in most stores and restaurants. Keep in mind that showing your ID or a passport copy is required when paying by credit card.

Depending on your type of SIM card and the contract you have, you might have internet access (usually at high additional costs) in Panama. However, we recommend you to check details and prices with your phone provider in advance. There is also the possibility of purchasing a local SIM card (approximately 3 USD) and conduct a contract with unlimited internet on your phone (1 week costs 5 USD). Those SIM cards can easily be purchased in most local supermarkets and stores, just ask the salesperson or your EcoCircuitos guide for assistance.

You do not need to speak Spanish; however, locals are happy if you know a few words. Hotel staff is usually bilingual and your EcoCircuitos contact and guide will definitely speak English. However, to communicate with locals, negotiate prices and get to know Panama’s culture, some Spanish skills can be useful, but not necessary.

Visitors entering Panama need to possess an international passport, which is valid for at least six months at the time of entry. Please check in advance with the Panamanian Embassy or Consulate in your home country weather you need a visa to travel to Panama.