Panama’s climate is very warm and humid throughout the whole year in the low lands and on the coast; the highlands can be slightly cooler. Panama`s high season starts in the beginning of November and ends with the month of April. During this time, it is usually sunny, humidity will be lower and a steady breeze is going throughout most of the country. Between May and October Panama is becoming lush and green, with occasionally mid-day clouds and showers in the evening. During the Green season, crowds are less and prices are lower. For more information on weather and climate click here

Panama is perfectly fine to visit during this season, it may rain once a day for about two hours, however; before and afterwards it is usually sunny and on many days it does not rain at all. The only thing you need is a little flexibility in your travel program. For more information on weather and climate click here

We do go hiking in the rain, as weather can change quite fast in Panama and after one hour of rain it can be sunny again. If the weather is unsafe for any reason and if there are thunderstorms, the trip will be changed or postponed. We recommend to be flexible, as weather can never be guaranteed or exactly predicted, especially in tropical countries like Panama.