Fabio Trujillo

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Fabio Trujillo


Fabio is a Panamanian born in Costa Rica. He is a guide with a big smile and a good attitude that loves nature and adventure. He has taken several workshops as a team building facilitator and has received certifications in areas such as first aid and rescue in remote areas. Fabio is also a Certified Interpretive Guide by the National Association for Interpretation and also has a leadership certification by APTSO. He is currently finishing his studies in Geo and Eco Tourism career at the University of Panama. Fabio also volunteered in the Metropolitan Natural Park in 2004 and 2005 and has worked as a guide for 10 years focusing primarily on hiking, mountaineering, rafting, kayaking, history and ethnic groups. Fabio is EcoCircuitos Panama senior staff guide. He is always researching new products and adventures.

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