LGBTQ+ travelers may find Panama friendlier than any other Central America countries; many of the main destinations throughout the country are friendly to all visitors and will make LGBTQ+ families, couples and travelers feel at home.

General Information LGBTQ+ Panama

Over the years Panama has become a multi-cultural place, influenced by a variety of different world-powers. Today Panama is considered one of the most open-minded countries for LGBTQ+ in Central America. Even though it is a catholic country, people are generally accepting on a personal and social level. Homosexuality is legal in Panama, but unfortunately there are no laws protecting gay couples or supporting gay marriage yet.  The constantly growing Gay Community in Panama is very welcoming and accessible. Since 2005, a Gay Pride Parade is held every year in June and also the famous annual carnival on the Peninsula Azuero has unofficially become a gay event. Nightlife is extensive in Panama City; there are different clubs and bars for everyone. During the day time you can find beautiful beaches, tropical forests, and historical sites along with many other interesting things to see. Panama offers a variety of gay friendly hotels at amazing destinations. Weather you seek for party, luxury, adventure, or a romantic time with your partner, Panama is the place for you to go.

EcoCircuitos Pride Tours

EcoCircuitos Panama is a responsible travel tour operator who’s  been actively promoting travel options for LGBTQ+ couples, families and independent travelers throughout Panama.  The partners of the company are members of the community and together with its Pride brand EcoCircuitos are working to promote new exciting options for the LGBTQ+ traveling community that seek a unique authentic experience in Panama.  EcoCircuitos Panama focuses on adventure travel and offers specialized tailor made itineraries and programs that put conservation and sustainability at the forefront of its products.

We invite you to let yourself be surprised by Panama!  Encounter traditional indigenous communities less than few hours from the city’s international banking district, explore nearby rainforests, experience kayaking in the Gatun Lake while overlooking massive cargo ships passing through the Canal, spend the morning strolling the colorful streets of Casco Antiguo and the afternoon on a perfect beach.  Let us be your guide to this incredible destination waiting to discovered!

LGBTQ+ Panama

Located at the heart of the Americas, Panama City is the most cosmopolitan of the Central American capitals; overflowing with trendy new clubs, fashionable boutique hotels and gastronomic delights. As a long established hub for international business, trade and transportation the City has developed into a modern, busy metropolis attracting visitors from around the world.

Panama is attracting LGBTQ+ travelers who are looking for a non-traditional LGBTQ+ travel destination. This can be observed through the growing number of hotels throughout the country who are marketing themselves as gay friendly and the use of the TAG Approved accommodation branding, which include the American Trade Hotel, The Bristol Panama, The Hilton, Casa de Montaña and the Trump Ocean Club Panama amongst other hotels throughout the country.

Panama is a country that welcomes all its visitors. LGBT travelers may find Panama friendlier than other Central American countries; many of the main destinations throughout the country are friendly to all visitors and will make LGBTQ+ families and travelers feel at home.

Panama is a safe, stable and friendly country of almost four million inhabitants and 75,517 square kilometers. It is among the most biologically diverse countries on the planet and features a variety of unique ecosystems. With a total of over 2,500 km of coastline on two oceans, 15 national parks and seven distinct indigenous cultures, 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites, there is much to explore!

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