We believe interpretation and interaction as being the key in an authentic travel experience. There is a difference between seeing something and understanding something, not only with cultural encounters, but also with wildlife observation, birdwatching or walking through an unknown ecosystem.

EcoCircuitos guides are specialists trained to provide in-depth insights and understandings in their field, from ornithology, botany and herpetology to history, culture and traditions. These understandings foster unforgettable travel experiences, as well as responsible encounters between travelers and nature, animals and local people.

Meet our Guides

Fabio Trujillo -735

Fabio Trujillo

Senior Guide

Fabio is our Senior Guide. He is an adventurer and nature lover, famous for his sympathetic attitude and big smile. With a degree in Geo and Eco Tourism from the University of Panama, he has been working as a certified interpretive guide for 10 years, focusing on adventures, biodiversity, history and ethnic travels.


Gerardo Guerra

Highlands Tour Manager

Gerardo is our trusted partner in the highlands, managing the operations and coordinating the daily logistic of our travelers in Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro. Being from the small highland town of Boquete, he is a local expert with a strong commitment to details, which makes him the perfect host for our travelers.

Jorge Mayorga-808

Jorge Mayorga

Adventure & Historical Guide

Growing up barefoot on the beach in the Caribbean archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Jorge loves nature and sharing his passion. He is a certified guide for adventure tours such as surfing, kayaking, hiking and biking. He is also our specialist for Panamanian history and the Canal zone.


Kenny Weeks

Naturalist Guide

Growing up in the Canal Zone surrounded by lush jungle, Kenny is a Panamanian that has been working in the tourism industry for over 15 years. He is a naturalist guide dedicating his time and knowledge to teaching about wildlife and conservation. Hiking and wildlife observation are not only part of his job, but a hobby that he enjoys.


Violeta Won

Senior Guide Specialist

Violeta is a Panamanian with a strong commitment and profession. She has a degree in Tourism Management from the University of Panama and has been guiding for more than 17 years. She was the president of the Association of Panamanian Guides in 2011 and is committed to elevating the professionalism of guides through education.


Ian Sanchez

Naturalist & Adventure Guide

Born and raised in Panama, Ian holds a Geology degree from South Florida University, USA. He worked as a naturalist park ranger in the Grand Canyon for 8 years before returning to Panama and becoming a certified guide for history, ecology, flora and fauna and adventure tours, such as mountain biking, kayaking, caving and rafting.


Jesus Prestan

Senior Guide Specialist

Jesus comes from the beautiful indigenous Guna Yala territory of the San Blas. After studying History at the University of Panama, he took a training by the US Southern Command in Diplomacy and Military Tourism. Jesus has over 20 years of guiding experience, his passions are photography and environmental issues and is specialized in incentive and corporate groups.


Christian Moreno

Outdoor Specialist

Cristian is a Panamanian born in Chile. His love for nature started at the age of 10 when he joined the Pathfinder’s Club. Since 1995 he is a naturalist guide specialized in birdwatching, ecology, indigenous cultures, history and outdoors, including scuba diving. Receiving several honors in outdoor activities, ecology and camping, he soon became a Master Guide.

Joshua Hall-811

Joshua Hall

Naturalist Guide

Joshua’s love for nature comes from participating with his mother in foundation called “Abundant Life” in his childhood where he hiked to communities, bringing medicine and other items needed. He started guiding at an early age, graduated in Ecotourism and is a certified guide for nature and indigenous culture in Panama.

Raul Velasquez

Raul Velasquez

Naturalist & Birding Guide

Raul is a passionate and dedicated tour guide, he was born in the Chiriqui Province among coffee farms and agriculture. He became a tour guide in 2008, he actively worked in the Pearl Archipelago when tourism was just starting in Panama. Raul guided whale watching tours as well as island day tours in the Archipelago and after 5 years working there he decided to come back to Boquete and start working as a naturalist and birding guide. He is a certified naturalist guide and MarViva guide. Birdwatching at the Ceriana Farm is his favorite activity and his favorite bird is the Three-wattled Bellbird. Raul enjoys showing Boquete to all visitors and encourages more people to visit the area. He currently resides in Boquete.


Jason Lara

Highlands and Boquete

Jason Lara is a Panamanian guide that was born in the province of Chiriqui.  He lives in Boquete and studied English at the University of Chiriqui.   He loves the highlands and Boquete where he lives were he works as a guide specializing in ecology and birding.   Jason is one of the few certified general guides in the Western Provinces of Panama and his focus and passion is birdwatching.