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annie young

Annie Young

Annie Young founded EcoCircuitos Panama, S.A. in 1999. She is currently in charge of the Marketing and Sales Department and continually researches and creates new programs and adventures. Annie has a degree in Social Communication with an emphasis in Journalism from the University of Panama, a diploma in Business Strategies for Environmental Sustainability from Stanford University in California and has studied Environmental Management of International Tourism Development with Harvard University. She is the President of APTSO (Panamanian Association of Sustainable Tourism) and is committed to the conservation and social development of Panama through the promotion of sustainable tourism.

Fabio Trujillo -735

Fabio Trujillo

Fabio is a Panamanian born in Costa Rica. He is a guide with a big smile and a good attitude that loves nature and adventure. He has taken several workshops as a team building facilitator and has received certifications in areas such as first aid and rescue in remote areas. Fabio is also a Certified Interpretive Guide by the National Association for Interpretation and also has a leadership certification by APTSO. He is currently finishing his studies in Geo and Eco Tourism career at the University of Panama. Fabio also volunteered in the Metropolitan Natural Park in 2004 and 2005 and has worked as a guide for 10 years focusing primarily on hiking, mountaineering, rafting, kayaking, history and ethnic groups. Fabio is EcoCircuitos Panama senior staff guide. He is always researching new products and adventures.

Ian Sánchez-741

Ian Sánchez

Born and raised in Panama, Iann Sanchez has been a naturalist and adventure guide for over 19 years.

Jorge Mayorga-807

Jorge Mayorga

Jorge is originally from Bocas del Toro Archipelago and his firsts steps in tourism started in these Caribbean islands. He has worked for the international Royal Caribbean Cruise ships in the area of guest relations and with shore excursion department. He loves traveling and learning about other cultures. Jorge is also passionate about extreme adventures such as surfing, kayaking, hiking and biking. He also is our specialist for Panamanian history and the Canal Zone. He will amaze you with his insight stories of the Canal construction. Jorge has taken the following courses: CPR, First Aid, Aquatic & Mountain, Crowd Management and Firefighting. He is also a certified NAI (National Association for Interpretation) guide and he also participated in the APTSO certification program.

Joshua Hall-811

Joshua Hall

Joshua was born in Panama City and started guiding at an early age. His love for nature comes from participating in activities with his mother, a nurse at the Social Security Hospital.

Kenny Weeks-538

Kenny Weeks

Kenny is a Panamanian that has been working in the tourism industry for over 15 years, in which he has dedicated to his country. He’s guided throughout the country for most of his career taking visitors to any place in Panama showing the wonders of nature and the cultural aspects of the country. The former Panama Canal Zone is his second home town since he was raised in this area which gave him the opportunity to become bilingual and bicultural. The families, history, and operations of the canal, and rainforest have been a major part of Kenny’s life during his childhood.

Mariela Octavio-832

Mariela Octavio

Mariela is our Chief Accounting and Office Manager. She is in charge of payments and is our liaison with the suppliers. She makes sure the office is working in a happy environment and will also organizes staff activities outside the office. For information about payments and other administrative questions, please contact her directly.


Venicio Wilson

Venicio “Beny” Emmanuelle Wilson was born in Almirante, province of Bocas del Toro in Western Panama in a house surrounded by beautiful creeks and swamps and forests. It was there where his father and grandfather inspired his interest in “the little animals”, as he used to say.
Beny’s passion for birds began at age 16 when he accidentally got a copy of the newly translated Spanish version of “A Field Guide to the Birds of Panama”. Two years later, along with other fellow biology students at the University of Panama, created Grupo Ecologista Vida, a nonprofit group carrying out environmental education for school kids in the city of Colon. Besides hiking and birding, Beny is also is a connoisseur in frogs, especially the Dendrobatid poison frogs. He recently received his credentials as a Certified Interpretive Guide from the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) in the US.


Yarelis Campines

Yarelis is a dynamic Panamanian whose family is from the Azuero Peninsula. She graduated from the University of Panama with a degree in Management and Hospitality, Yarelis began working with EcoCircuitos Panama as an intern and now is in charge of the Reservations Department. She adds her creativity and hardworking attitude to the EcoCircuitos team in the sales and reservations department. She loves traveling and getting to know new places and cultures.