Volcanos, Waterfalls & Cloud Forests:

Coclé Province

With easy accessibility from Panama City, the fresh air and lush cloud forests of the province make Cocle a popular day trip and weekend destination. One of the most popular spots is the dormant volcanic crater of El Valle de Anton with its various hiking and birdwatching opportunities, spectacular waterfalls and traditional markets. Less famous, but not less spectacular is the mountainous area of Campana, with beautiful hikes and panoramic views of the Pacific Coast.

Traditions, Surf and Beaches:

The Azuero Peninsula

Eastern Azuero

The Azuero Peninsula is one of the driest regions of Panama and has the biggest influence of Spanish cultural heritage left. It is famous for its colorful festivals, historic villages, traditional manufacturing and culinary products. Next to it’s rich culture and history, it also offers amazing wildlife encounters on the Iguana Island with its coral reefs, dolphins and humpback whales. The southern area of the peninsula features beautiful wild surfing beaches like Playa Venao.

Western Azuero

The Western part of the Azuero Peninsula is an insider tip to visit. Besides offering responsible turtle watching opportunities, it is a perfect starting point for visiting the Cerro Hoya National Park, the last remaining dry tropical rainforest on the whole Peninsula. Standing in complete contrast to the Eastern side, with its dry landscapes, you can see how human actions influenced a whole ecosystem.

Coiba Island

Western Azuero is a good spot for boat excursions to Coiba National Park with its white-sanded beaches and rich biodiversity. Famous for superb underwater wildlife for divers and snorkelers, the marine national park is home to humpback whales, several different types of colorful fish, dolphins, rays and sharks.

Excursions in Cocle & Azuero

Panama's Folkloric Path

Delve into Panama's Spanish-heritage traditions and cultures.
Full day

Isla Iguana Day Tour

Discover a secluded paradise and wildlife refuge.
6 hours

Hiking Campana National Park

Hike scenic mountains and enjoy the wildlife.
1 Day

El Valle Day Tour

Visit the scenic dormant volcanic crater of El Valle de Anton.
1 Day
Find your hotel in Cocle & Azuero

Canopy Lodge

Birding ecolodge next to a lovely mountain stream.

Cubita Boutique Resort & Spa

Traditional-style hotel with extensive facilities.

Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel & Spa

Luxurious boutique hotel in El Valle.

Playa Venao Hotel Resort

Stunning lodge with unique location and exclusive facilities.

Villa Marina Lodge

Beachfront boutique hotel with spectacular view of Venao Beach.