Pirate History & Coral Reefs:

Colon Province

The travel deep into Panama’s history to a time of pirates, buccaneers, treasure and gold. The Colon Province offers it’s visitors a chance to travel back in time, take the first Transcontinental Train that was used during the Gold Rush, weaving through tropical rainforest with awe-inspiring views of the Panama Canal. Visit the colonial town of Portobelo, with colorful traditions and festivals or the former Fort San Lorenzo for a glimpse of pirate history or superb birdwatching. The tropical beaches along the coast are amongst the best of Panama with white sand, palm trees and a rich marine wildlife.

The Pirate Trail: Gatun Locks & Fort San Lorenzo-799
Dream Islands & Indigenous Communities

San Blas Archipelago

Being part of the Guna Yala autonomous region, the picturesque San Blas Archipelago are dominated by indigenous communities living their traditional and cultural lifestyle. The Archipelago consists of 360 tiny palm-fringed islands with white-sanded dream beaches, crystal blue waters and spectacular coral reefs.

Tour parts on the Caribbean Coast

Camping and Trekking the Guna Territory

Go off the beaten track on an adventure in Guna Yala.
4 Days / 3 Nights

San Blas Day Expedition

Paradise-like dream islands inhabited by indigenous communities.
1 Day

Snorkelling in the Caribbean

Snorkel the colorful coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea.
1 Day

The Pirate Trail: Aguaclara Locks & San Lorenzo

Learn about the fascinating history of pirates and conquistadors.
1 Day
Find your hotel on the Caribbean Coast

Casa Congo

Charming artistic boutique hotel that was a former fisherman's house.

Hotel Melia Panama Canal

Luxury hotel at the shores of the Gatun Lake of the Panama Canal.