History, Wildlife & Indigenous Villages:

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is considered one of mankind`s greatest engineering feats and has significantly influenced the development of Panama and the history of world trade. Experience this world-wonder by visiting the Miraflores Locks or Agua Clara Visitor Centers or transiting the Canal by boat.

Exploring the Gatun Lake by kayaking or a Jungle Boat Adventure can give you an insight on Canal operations from a different perspective in an interesting combination with wildlife observation.

Panama Canal Adventure-657
Jungle Boat Tour and Hiking the Soberania National Park -829

Canal Watershed Rainforest

The Canal Watershed area is surrounded by several National Parks and protected areas full of wildlife species like monkeys, sloths, tapirs, anteaters and crocodiles. The Soberania National Park is located just under one hour from Panama City, features a visitor center, a viewing platform and several accessible trails. It is a birdwatcher paradise, holding the world record bird counts, with 385 species identified within 24 hours.

Wildlife Observation at the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center -455
Camino de Cruces Trail-450

Indigenous Communities

The 130,000-hectare Chagres National Park is home to a variety of wildlife species as well as traditional settlements of the Embera indigenous communities, who continue living with their traditional way of life and allow visitors to come and learn about their traditions and customs.

Indigenous Encounter in Chagres National Park -470
Hiking Camino Real Day Tour-964
Find a tour parts in the Canal Area

Embera Indigenous Encounter

Visit indigenous villages deep in the Chagres National Park.
1 Day

Half Day Panama Canal Tour

Learn about and visit different attractions of the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal Partial Transit

Start a lifetime experience and cross the Panama Canal by boat.
6 hours

Gatun Lake Jungle Boat Tour

Explore the wildlife of the Gatun Lake by boat.

Kayaking the Panama Canal Watershed

Combine watersports and wildlife watching.
4 – 5 hours
Find your hotel in the Canal Area

Holiday Inn Panama Canal

Close to the city overlooking the Panama Canal.

Hotel Melia Panama Canal

Luxury hotel at the shores of the Gatun Lake of the Panama Canal.

Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Rainforest resort next to the Panama Canal.

Canopy Tower

Spectacular views and fist-class birdwatching the middle of the rainforest.